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We just wanted to start off with another massive thank you to everyone that has continued to support us as much as you have. We continue to gain new supporters and it literally couldn't happen without all the love you have shared with us. After our first year is coming to an end it was decided to take our professionalism up a notch and create this site to be our hub for all collective activities. We will be posting recaps of our events, dates of upcoming events, and any music coming out under the BLC banner. Additionally, all submissions can be directed through the site whether it be singles, EP's, full lengths or just a DJ mix. All submissions will be met with a response, and explanation as to why if the answer is no. We as a collective want to grow as artists and want to help the growth of other artists along the way. With all that said, here are some amazing moments we have been able to share throughout the year!


Founder, Biggest Little Collective

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