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Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Biggest Little Collective presents The Biggest Little Compilation Vol. 2. Take an auditory journey through a heavy hitting musical bass galaxy ranging from deep dubstep, to liquid drum and bass, to genres undefined, and beyond.

Featuring tracks from 14 up-and-coming producers that showcase a dynamic range of talent from the rising stars of the west coast bass music underground.

The Biggest Little Compilation Vol. 2 is available for free streaming worldwide on April 8th 2022.


  1. AEØN - S.D.F.C. (BLC DUB) [Explicit]

  2. Cimsam - Polo Style

  3. Drezza - Falling Forever

  4. EYEMC - Shai-Hulud

  5. JARS - The Touch

  6. McKraken - Rabbit Hole

  7. Mega Mili - Bite Back

  8. MoreHugz - Dreams From Beyond

  9. Murti - Exponent

  10. Peej - Leftfield

  11. Skyshifter - Lag

  12. SYLK - She Do

  13. The Cursed - J-Cortex

  14. TOMSIN - 3k [Explicit]



Aeøn has spent close to 15 years in the game, producing original sounds that cross sub genres and boundaries from the California Bay to Puerto Rico and beyond. He has shared the stage with bass music legends including Andy C, Noisia, Eprom, Joe Ford, Calyx and Teebee, among many others.

For his contribution to the BLC vol. II Aeøn goes full throttle with "S.D.F.C.," a heavy bass track that bends genres and sets the tone for the creative intensity that always keeps us coming back for more.


Biggest Little Collective fan favorite Cimsam returns for another round of flexing on the 808s with "Polo Style" for The Biggest Little Compilation Volume 2.

His second contribution to the Biggest Little Compilation series hits the subs just as hard and heavy as his first, doing right by his Carson City, NV dubstep brethren with a wobbly bass fiesta from that is sure to have you head bobbing and booty bouncing.


Drezza creates a dreamy soundscape of liquid drum'n'bass heaven with "Falling Forever" on the Biggest Little Compilation Vol. 2

Fall through a wormhole of sonic artistry with this track from Los Angeles, California based Drezza that evokes the kind of magic feeling that legendary sunrise sets are made of.


"Shai-Hulud" is a Dune inspired halftime track that may, in fact, blast you off to Arrakis if you can turn it up loud enough.

As a a self-proclaimed "Analog Glitch Artist" EYEMC more than lives up to his calling card in his contribution to The Biggest Little Compilation Volume 2, sampling the outer space soap opera for a galactic glitch bass banger.

Fair warning, rinsing this track may inspire you to begin cosplaying as a sandrider mid-festival (and we can't be held responsible if you decide to do the "sand worm" on the dancefloor.)


Is it an intercepted alien transmission or is it "The Touch" by JARS?

For his debut on The Biggest Little Compilation series JARS has created a fully realized intergalactic space odyssey. This glitchy bass track demonstrates the technical mastery of JARS producer James Boggan operating at brilliant capacity.

A haunting, heavy hitting, and unforgettable space ship of a song, "The Touch" goes to a weird place that somehow makes you want to visit again and again. We are honored to include it on The Biggest Little Compilation Volume 2.


"Rabbit Hole" by McKraken skips straight to the boss level, complete with lazer beams, multi-dimensional robots, and enough womp and wobble to rattle your brain into a parallel universe.

McKraken is bringing full force alien invasion vibes on this track which makes it perfect for his debut on The Biggest Little Compilation Volume 2.


Reno, NV based producer Mega Mili calls upon both the old dubstep gods and the new with "Bite Back," a monster of a track that feels reminiscent of heavier times with just the right amount of modern flair sprinkled in.

"Bite Back" is a heavy hitter that reminds us why we fell in love with dubstep in the first place as it rolls around in the low end of the bass frequencies with full force enthusiasm.


"Dreams From Beyond" is an aptly named song that poses the question: "Do you really want to look into a black hole and see what might be staring back?"

Trippy, glitchy, wobbly, and dreamy, MoreHugz gets all the way weird with "Dreams From Beyond" for The Biggest Little Compilation Volume 2.


Self described as "wonky ghetto tribal bass" and a "dance music therapist," Murti taps into both sides of the extreme with "Exponent" for The Biggest Little Compilation Volume 2.

Equal parts space gangster swag and exotic intergalactic vibes, Murti guns for that root chakra bump and grind and hits his target with exceptional ease.


Biggest Little Collective founder PEEJ puts his weirdness to the test with "Leftfield," exploring the outer limits of convention with a dark and mysterious musical journey.

A bit eerie and a bit reminiscent of a dark reboot of The X-Files theme song, "Leftfield" encourages us all to embrace our weird spooky side both on and off the dance floor.


SKYSHIFTER is a Washington state based electronic music producer who brings a hard hitting textured sound of experimental halftime & left field bass music.

Skyshifter's musical prowess is on full display with massive bass lines and finely tuned sub play with "Lag", expanding on the dark dubstep influence of The Biggest Little Compilation Vol. 2 with a richly textured sonic landscape of mind bending glitch and bass elements.


SYLK is an experimental bass music producer heavily influenced by Trap, Hip Hop, Glitch, and Dubstep, all of which is on display for his contribution to The Biggest Little Compilation Volume 2.

"She Do" takes a hip-hop and trap high road with a side of gangster swag.


Glitch, liquid, and trap influenced electronic music producer The Cursed J rolls all three of his favorite genres into one for "Cortex," his contribution to The Biggest Little Collective Volume 2.

High energy and bass heavy, The Cursed J brings his northern California spirit to the compilation representing the wildly creative musical heartbeat of Grass Valley, CA in a straight banger of a track.


TOMSIN blends melodic lush sounds with heavy experimental trap to create a unique experience for his audience. He has notable releases and performances that have helped fuel a local following and small online presence.

He continues to push his boundaries in the studio and on stage, as he does with "3k" for The Biggest Little Compilation Volume 2.

Stream The Biggest Little Compilation Volume 2 now!

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